Reign of Winter

First Log

From the Desk of Banker Weston Gale

From the Desk of Banker Weston Gale:

Location: Heldren, southern hamlet in Holy Taldor


I hope this missive finds you in good health and fortune. I have established myself in one of the Silver Stoat, the town’s tavern. This is not dereliction of my duties, this is only due to the fact that there is no true inn in this town.

Physical progress is slow, but I have recently met some “adventuring types” who will be able to fit our plans well. Please see the summaries of each below:

Korvast – A standoffish and brutal man. He seems to eat, breath, and sleep in his heavy armor. He speaks little. A living weapon. I believe he shall fit well.

Tyg Orell – An arctic Elf, based on his bluish complexion. It appears he has recently left the company of a mercenary band. Appears to do anything for the right price. Excellent fit.

Thelal – Pensive man of arcane roots. It appears he is one of these “sorcerers” that have been popping up as of late. A bit apprehensive to speak his mind, perhaps due to the gregarious nature some of the other associates. Possible fit.

Thorald Jorunnsson – Boastful warrior from the Land of the Linnorm Kings. The large man seems to fear nothing but keeping silent. Still, his sword and shield have seen battle. Possible fit.

Unforeseen Adversaries/Environmental Hazards: Two undead (subcategory: Zombie), trapped chest, and Tatzelwurm. All enemies vanquished, hazards subsided.

Items discovered: Gems, jewelry, coinage, and a magical wand kept by an “Old Mother Theodora”. The woman was willing to sell this wand for well under market value. I explained to her the nature of said item, and advised her to stick to the market price of our Empire. I also provided a tax voucher to Councilwoman Ionnia Teppin, who provided some of the associates with cold weather garments.

Side Notes: In order to continue with my mission of magical discovery, we have taken on Councilwoman Teppin’s request to deal with the source of the unnatural cold that has come across the land. This has disrupted trade in the area, and I made a judgement call in the field to deal with this disturbance first. I believe that fixing the town’s problem will allow the residents to be more forthcoming with any further information.

Nothing further to report. End of missive.

Good Fortune in Your Endeavors ,
Banker Weston Gale


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