Bootleg Randall

I seen things.


“Bootleg Randall appears to be in his mid thirties. The scars and tattoos on his body seem to hint at the fact that he’s served time somewhere, and that he belonged to at least three gangs at one point. He has a hairpin trigger for a temper and is provoked in to acts of extreme violence over the seemingly most trivial indiscretions. He never talks about his past, all he’ll mention is that “He’s seen things.”, with a distant glazed look in his eyes. He has an extreme fondness for heavy drink and opiates, as well as origami. He can make pretty much anything out of paper. Don’t be cute and ask him, I’ve seen him gouge out a man’s eye with a paper crane. All that I know is that he takes on every job with the same fatalistic determination as the one before. He doesn’t even ask for pay, just a place to drink, spit, and make paper tigers. What do you do with a man like that? Hire with extreme caution."

- From the ledger of “Slim” Jim Polk, book keeper to Pandemonium, Guild Master of the Cabal of Phantoms.


Daeron the Witch is out of his fucking mind.

Bootleg Randall

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