The Black Rider

Baba Yaga's Rider of the Night


One of Baba Yaga’s three riders who herald her return to Irrisen every one hundred years to place a new daughter on the throne. The rider known as Black Midnight is only every seen at night, as each of Baba Yaga’s riders are only seen at one time of day. Astride his horse he appears as a huge man clad in black armor with curving rams horns growing from the sides of his head. In his true form he appears as a simple old man in black robes.

Once a sellsword from the northen lands named Illarion Matveius, the creature now known as Black Midnight was selected by Baba Yaga to become one of her riders hundreds of years ago, transforming him into a magical being of singular purpose. How Baba Yaga makes her selections for her riders is unknown, and some suspect may be random.

The heroes met the black rider after he was gravely wounded by Elvanna’s forces. With his dying words the Black Rider tasked the heroes with quest of finding Baba Yaga to put an end to her daughter’s destructive rule once and for all.


The Black Rider

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