Reign of Winter

Leave of Absence

From the Desk of Banker Weston Gale

OOC – Due to the effects of the “Geas/Quest” spell we are under. Banker Gale believes that Abadar himself has appointed him as a “Divine Executor”. A position that he has made up in his head allowing him to usurp the usurper, Elvanna, daughter of Baba Yaga. So his letter to his superior might be a bit more…fervent than his usual phlegmatic self. Think of the movie Predator: except the Predator is this bitch Elvanna, and we are the crack team of military experts. Enjoy!

From the Desk of Banker Weston Gale,

The First Master’s Most Glorious Servant: Archbanker Thrace,

Archbanker, I hope this missive finds you well and your fortunes abundant. It is with a heavy heart that I must take a leave of absence in regards to my most recent position here in Heldren. It appears that the First Master, blessed be his name, has other plans for my skill set. He has divined that I am to undertake a quest to prevent Golarion itself from falling under a permanent sunless winter.

Allow me to elaborate:

Abadar, our most righteous lord, has sought me out for a second chance at preventing a major calamity. He has set a course to allow me to join a group of experts, each with skills both varied and specialized. We have been chosen to defend our world from the traitorous usurper, Elvanna, daughter of Baba Yaga.

You need not fear for my safety, for the First Master has provided me these combat hardened gentlemen. In a skirmish against demonically possessed fey, these men held their own. Even when these wintery agents of chaos took to the skies to escape, the fury of our Golden Lord flew to them in the form of gilded arrows from the Archer, Tyg Orell.

Though fell magicks had attempted to warp not only our divine instruments of war, but our very beings, we stood strong. It mattered not to Thorald that he stood half the size of a normal man, his axe and shield remained harder than the permafrost we stood upon.

Even Korvast, an unyieldingly stubborn knight, changed his tactics with the wisdom of our God when he took up a bow (instead of his razored falchion) and slew the fey as they tried to escape.

Thelal, our divinely chosen Sorcerer Supreme, expended nearly all of his willpower hurling blasts of force to bring down these foul creatures. His powers, upon further review, seem to be divinely inherited, as opposed to stolen as I had initially feared. I regret doubting him for even a moment.

After doing battle and slaying these creatures, a portal from another wintery dimension had opened, and emerged a dark rider. The rider, an imposing obsidian force at first glance, collapsed upon the ground. From under the weight of his midnight horse now lay an old man, weathered and grey by centuries of service and battle. It was he who opened my eyes to Abadar’s vision of our new quest. He pleaded that we go through the portal and save his master, the Witch Queen Baba Yaga, from her treacherous daughter Elvanna. He placed his dying hand on my shoulder and passed Abadar’s will upon me. Which leads me now to this moment.

It has been a very fortuitous service that I have had under you these past several years, Archbanker. And it is with a heavy heart that I resign from my current clerical position from Our Most Holy Taldor. I shall miss its golden arches and towers so. Please take care, and know I shall defend our world in the name of the One True Master. Farewell!


Executor Weston Gale.


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