Reign of Winter

Korvast's Log

Evil Afoot

When I embarked on this quest the priests told me I would learn more by keeping a record of my thoughts and reflections. So far I do not find maintaining this journal to be beneficial, but perhaps its value will become apparent later.

The silence was deafening after Rohkar fell, broken only by the sound of our heavy breathing. Looking up at the landing from which I leaped at him in rage, I am thankful that I did not land on my head. I am not known for my feats of acrobatics. It is remarkable what anger can help us accomplish.

The illusory sound and image of the dogs had me shaken with a fright I had not been subject to for many years. I stood clutching my sword, staring at the corpse of Rohkar for what seemed like years, until Thorald came over and snapped me out of it with a strong pat on the back. Ten Penny Tacy peered out from behind the fireplace. Banker Gale and Tyg had not yet shuffled down the stairs to confirm that the fight was over before Thorald began to examine the necromancer’s coat. A strange but fine garment to be sure. He can keep the damn thing.

A pounding and yelling from beneath the trap door we had discovered earlier caught us all by surprise. After finding keys on the body we quickly opened it and found the lost Lady Argentea Mallasene. She appeared to be unharmed, though exhausted from her ordeal. We rounded on Ten Penny Tacy, asking how she failed to mention the woman being held in the cellar when we questioned her about its contents earlier. Tacy played it off as something she didn’t see as significant at the time. I continued to read no evil in her. It is my belief that self preservation motivated Tacy to withhold this information. Not a noble decision, but she may still be redeemed.

Then we heard a horrific noise from outside, and the flapping of humongous wings. We rushed to the door to see Thelal lying limply in the snow as a large creature flew out of sight. He was near frozen and barely alive. We carried him to one of the bedrooms where Gale worked his healing magic. When he awoke we made him comfortable, and he told us that one of the Fey snatched him during the heavy snow we’d been marching through a day or two ago. They tormented him for a while until they lost interest, and tossed him back to us as a warning to press no further into the woods. This warning will go unheeded.

While Thelal rested we searched the rest of the house. Back upstairs in the small room I retreated to in my induced panic we discovered a sprite held within a small cage. Apparently Rohkar had been using it as a light source for his writing desk. It pleaded for release, alternating pathetic whimperings with threats of violence from the powerful Fey creature it served. We attempt to extract information from it, but fear of its master overwhelmed its fear of us, despite promises of imminent harm. This time I checked with the rest of the group before dispatching the wicked little thing, since the last time I ended a helpless (though EVIL) creature I was met with some backlash, including admonishment from the Banker, who has NO PLACE TELLING ME WHO WILL AND WHO WILL NOT BE REDEEMED IN THE EYES OF SARENRAE.

I said that part out loud. Everyone is staring.

Anyway. I did slay the freakish little thing, and with delight. We decided to spend the night recovering before heading back to the village. I slept fitfully. Rohkar’s assault on my mind has caused old nightmares to return to me. I lied awake thinking of that day long ago, of the knight that saved me and brought me to the priests of Sarenrae who would henceforth raise me. I took off my helmet in the dark and held it in my hands, remembering how before she left she gave it to me and told me it would keep me safe. It did not fit me then, but I wore it none the less when I was afraid, even while I slept. It kept the dogs at bay. When I was grown I stopped wearing it by night and took it to fencing training instead. I feel like a child again.

The townsfolk were very pleased to see us return in one piece with Lady Mallasene, and it appears that this bit of success has brought some hope to them in these dark days. Ten Penny Tacy promised to stay away from bandits in the future as she went her own way, and we explored the town looking for supplies to aid us on the next leg of our quest to rid this land of wintery evil. Thorald was interested in investigating the large weasel we heard about the other day, among other problems facing this place. I was uncertain that pursuing that particular lead would prove beneficial, and I think he is mostly interested in acquiring a giant weasel pelt as an addition to his many… accessories. Still, we were on our way the following morning, foregoing the stew cook-off inspired by the arrival of Tacy.

We found a corpse in the snow that Banker Gale believed fit the description of the fool who ran off to find the weasel in question. I do not remember his name. I mostly remember that he sounded like a fool. I feel like a fool too for hunting a weasel. It had better turn out to be QUITE large.

Then some trees came to life and we killed them. I tire of writing.


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