Reign of Winter

Giants, Demons, Squawking Shacks, Blistering Chill

Mistral Nesingwary Expedition Log.

The group of Nomads with which I have been traversing Iobaria was beset by massive beasts of flesh and ice. Frost Giants, the are aptly called. With a number so great trudging down from the mountains and sundering all in their path. There was no time to retaliate, we simply scattered in every direction. I made for the wood and scrambled through the trees at all the haste I could muster, but the mighty beasts were only steps behind. When I stumbled into a clearing I saw shocked to find a strange hut I had never before noticed in these lands. It was small and ordinary with a thatch-work roof and a… a live beak. What great fortune I had when a mountain of a man plated in glimmering armor emerged from the hut and went to battle with the best immediately. Soon several others engaged the monstrosity from within the hut. We defeated one of the beast before several more approached, and we knew we had little hope of defeating them all. We escaped into the hut, as meager as it seemed in appearance, knowing there was some magic about it. And lo, the hut stirred to life, standing up on brilliant chicken legs that began quickly stomping away at the giants, and it would occasionally swallowing them whole, at which point we saw them disappear in the recesses of this seemingly multi- dimensional dwelling. When all of them were dispatched, we were quite spent and I found new friends among these travelers as we set in for the night. While I am curious what happened to the Nomads, I think my best course is to stay with these capable fellows for now.


jacobzwaldman nsdoyle

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