Reign of Winter

Banker Gale the Peterman

OOC – The log’s been backed up, and I’m sure Austin will cover this week’s just fine. So I’m obliging Jake as to the tale of how Banker Gale came to be able how to pick a lock or two in his time, lol.

Banker Gale, despite his ever-present business like demeanor, enjoys his leisure time as much as any other man. It had been a stormy night, and Gale hated to walk in the rain, so he decided that he would spend the evening of Starday in his office. A fine bottle of Iron Lands rosé in one hand, and the other finding his place in another one of his many books. For a few moments, he had found himself to be quite content. But as all good moments go, it had not lasted long, as Archbanker Olazl Thrace had other plans for the Banker.

The Archbanker displayed his usual habit of knocking on Gale’s door while at the same time entering the room without waiting for a response, his ever-present pesh stained smile accompanying him. “Hellooooo Brother Gale. A fine night this eve, yesh, most fine! How fair thee?”, the Archbanker slurring a bit in his wording. It appeared the Archbanker had partaken of the clergy’s winestock as well as taking in his usual pesh habit.

Gale, never one to forget formalities, rose from his seat and bowed courteously. “Archbanker, as always you are kind to grace me with your presence. Would you care for some rosé? I just un-corked it not a minute ago. Let me fetch you a glass.”, Gale began heading over to his armoire to fetch another cup when the Archbanker snatched the bottle and began to drink directly from it. The young Archbanker drank from it greedily, letting the wine dribble down his face a little. Putting it down, he began to read Gale for any sign of annoyance, but if there was one, Gale hid it well.

“Brother Gale, it appears my usual Starday convent had other matters to attend to. And now I find myself without a following this evening.”, Gale knew of the Archbanker’s Starday convent, and she was a lovely woman who worked very hard for the coinage she earned. He allowed the Archbanker to continue uninterrupted “Gale. You were an aspiring star here when you started, what was it that drove you so furiously then that you lack now?”, once again the Archbanker searched for any sense of offense in Gale’s expression.

Gale slid himself back in to his exquisitely carved oak chair, and poured himself another glass of rosé. "To be quite honest, Archbanker, I wished to become a Balanced Scale. (OOC – “Balanced Scale of Abadar” is the original name for the “Divine Assessor” prestige class) I had a great yearning to chronicle and tabulate the treasures of forgotten lore.", Gale took a bigger swig than usual of his wine. Staring in to the glass, he began to remember memories long forgotten. How he wished to go back to his younger self, to tell him to pick himself back up after the defeat in the Katapeshi desert and to remain steadfast in pursuit of becoming a Balanced Scale. Gale’s reminiscing then was cut short by the obnoxious laughter of the Archbanker.

“Hah! Hah hah hah! YOU! Brother Gale?! A Balanced Scale of the Master of the First Vault?! Surely you jest! You have no field experience! No knowledge of the wards that protect the vaults you would need to enter! Besides all of that, you are in no physical shape to venture out in to the dangerous lands that hold these treasures! Oh ho ho! You Gale make my sides ache sometimes!”, if the Archbanker was not so preoccupied by his own obnoxious tone, he would have finally noticed that he offended Gale to his core.

“Yes. Well. Archbanker, it was some time ago. My talents are now best suited elsewhere…”, Gale murmured into his glass, sipping it deeply once again.

“Oh Gale! Yes! Yes they are!”, the Archbanker stated as he rose from his seat, the bottle of rosé in his hand. “Gale. A most deep thanks are in order for your tales, and for your delicious…rose-aye…is it? I shall toast tonight in your name! Keep up with the ledgers, it is most certainly what you are best at.”, and with another laugh the Archbanker slams the door shut, leaving Gale in the room alone.

In the silence, Gale began to think again on how badly he wished to become a Balanced Scale in the eyes of the First Master. Perhaps…it was not as long ago as he thought. While his combat training had fallen to the wayside, surely that did not need to dissuade him from trying?

With a final sip of his rosé, he closed the book in front of him and cracked open another one from the stacks around him. One titled “What I Learned from Uncle Trapspringer. A Tale of Tales.” written by some halfling folk by the name of Tasslehoff Burrfoot. In it it chronicled the best way to pick a basic tumbler, if the situation ever arose where you were captured by orcs or ogres. He poured over it’s contents for another couple hours, mimicking the hand motions laid out in the pages before him.

When he had finally finished the book, he closed it’s cover with a wicked grin on his face. Banker Weston Gale had never been a thief in his life, but he knew a man’s property was his and his alone. Surely a Balanced Scale of Abadar would make sure that one’s possessions would need to be returned to their rightful owner, no?

With those thoughts swirling through his head, he found himself in front of the Archbanker’s door. The sounds of loud snoring in coming from within. The door, as always, had been locked. The grin on Gale’s face had grown wider as he began to remove his holy symbol, using it as a shoddy lock picking device. Spending many moments on the door, Gale began to mimic the motions he recalled from Tasselhoff’s memoirs. More moments passed, and his actions were rewarding with a slight click from the tumbler within the lock, and the door began to creak open.

It had taken almost 15 moments too long, but there Gale stood above the snoring Archbanker. Any other lesser man would have taken his revenge upon the sleeping thief, but Banker Gale was now a Balanced Scale in training, and now held himself to higher standards. What he did do, however, was take back the now quarter-full bottle of rosé. Toasting the sleeping Archbanker Thrace, he gulped down the remaining contents and slipped out the door, slamming it behind him. The startled noises of Archbanker Thrace echoing in the halls as Balanced Scale-in-Training Banker Weston Gale made his way back to his quarters, bottle in hand and grin on his face.


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